Building Friendships

Jesus ministered to the crowds, he preached to the masses. But he built something very special with his friends. The disciples weren't just a random bunch of guys he had to take. They were chosen to be close to him and therefore close to one another. Jesus spent time with his friends, building relationships that were strong enough to be corrected, challenged, and change even in each other's company. They were friendships that were real, honest and not always easy...

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Who Am I?

Who am I? Is an unspoken question we all struggle with from time to time in our mind, as we  navigate the different circumstances and seasons in our lives. Just when we think we know who we are our situations change, relationships alter and we realise yet again we have allowed people and things to identify who we are.  But your identity is not in what you do or where you are, it is in 'whose' you are. When I was...

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Be Proactive not Reactive

How many times have you allowed your reactions to determine your direction. You were going to do something but then reacted to a negative response and withdrew. You prayed and planned but then reacted when the reception you received was not what you desired. We need to be careful our reactions don't dominate our actions. Reactions can often be sparked through fear, hurt, offence, impatience, panic, anger. It's the reactive words, decisions, responses that often feel good in the moment...

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Cherish 2014 Highlights

View the highlights of Cherish 2014! And remember the early-bird rate of £50 is only on until the end of June. Click here to book in today!  ...

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Cherish 2015 Promo

In 2015 we will be back in the Leeds First Direct Arena for Cherish Women's Conference! It's going to be an amazing. We have an early-bird rate of £50 is only on until the end of June. Click here to book in today!

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Dance Again by LIFE Worship

Dance Again hits the Main UK charts

Love when the world try to get their head around the church. And they find no superstars but just 'amateur musicians' to use the press's words! I guess that's their way of explaining Jesus people. Not trying to be some big professional, not prideful, just Jesus full. Love it. Get Dance Again on iTunes, or order your physical copy from the LIFE Church Webshop. ...

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God the Father

Got up to wear love out this morning and took breakfast in bed to my Gang who I have not seen much over cherish. Then Hope & I went through her baby book which she had never seen. Recording each moment of her first 5 years. As I sat watching her gasp in awe at how much she had grown and the words spoken over her when she was tiny and them now being a reality. It took my breath away...

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Dance Again is now available

Woo hoo. This week is shaping up to be very amazing!!! This happens today our brand new album with incredible worship songs is available to download on iTunes!!! The songs on this album are something special. I know they will uplift, encourage and heal you. So much truth and journey in each song. So get it today and enjoy. And cherish girls you may want to start learning the tunes now so we can all sing strong together!! Its time...

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Only 7 days left until Cherish

It's hard to believe that there are only seven days left until Cherish! If you haven't booked in yet, do it today! All the teams are working tirelessly to get ready to give you the best Cherish you have ever been too! It will truly be on a whole different level! For any information on Cherish, go to ...

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14 Days Left until Cherish!

Only 14 days left until we are at the Leeds First Direct arena for Cherish Conference! Have you packed your suitcases yet? Make sure to keep checking our Cherish Conference Facebook for the latest updates!...

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Let go and grow!

I have found in life the things I try and hold most tightly too often end up being the things that leave my life with the most difficultly, and at times animosity. Yet when we become the kind of leader, friend, parent, follower that commits to being open handed, we allow opportunities and possibilities to keep opening to us. God wants to use our hands as an extension of His. When our hands are open we stop being controlling and...

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You were not made on a production line!

You were not made on a production line! God knit you together himself in your mothers womb. He breathed life into you and He gave you designer, one off fingerprints. He doesn't do production line gifts and callings. He is our creator God. He has placed that same creative spirit in us. Therefore today think differently about what you are facing, pray some impossible prayers! Don't say you have nothing to bring. And don't copy everyone else as if you...

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Answer the Door

A few weeks ago Charlotte preached a message in LIFE Church titled 'Answer the Door'. Sometimes God has already sent the very thing that we think we are still waiting for, but we have to go and open the door.

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SELAH – Why live wondering?

Maybe today could be the day you decide that it is time! Time to start or end something, time to apply for the job, time to let someone in, time to give the resource, time to say yes, time to play your part ! Lets not waste our days, energy, gifts or talents by staying in the place of indecision. Our wondering leads to our wandering but our commitment begins a new chapter! Today start something that will move you...

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SELAH – Stop Waiting…

Sometimes we hold off making decisions in life because we feel we need more affirmation or 'a word'!  We wait and wait for outward signs when all the time we have an inward voice nudging & whispering instruction to us. Sometimes in my life I have found God will give me that outward confirmation before I move forward but most of the time He speaks, as I move forward. He wants to steer my willingness and guide my obedience! Gods...

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Never grow weary of doing good…

I don't know who took this photo but I guess its was mid one of the many preaching sessions this weekend. And as I look at this and think about the honor I have of opening the word around the world, I get very emotional about it and overwhelmed at the way God uses our simple obedience for incredible purposes. I had the immense privilege of leading over 500 people to Jesus this weekend and each alter call had me...

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Nothing thrilled my heart more than seeing Pax (my buddy's @JenDerweerdt boy) start to take some steps this last week. Let this picture encourage you today. Pax fights every day for things most children his age just take for granted. He has to push through much resistance to just speak or try to walk. He has to accept the help of this frame to hold him as he steps out. I think of Pax often and how much he teaches my heart....

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Charlotte at LIFE Today

I recently visited 'LIFE Today' with Betty and James Robison, talking about Turnaround God. Watch the video below.

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Climb up or Grow up

A few days ago I watched this little boy try, for a long time, to climb up these hay bales. He was drawn by all the noise and activity that he could hear on the other side. He grew increasingly frustrated that others were stepping over to the other side, yet he seemed to be prevented from joining the fun. However over the other side of this bale was a playground for much older children and had he gone over...

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The Gold you Hold

It is amazing how someone can handle something so valuable and yet have no idea of its true worth! I pray this is not said of our lives. Everyday we handle priceless treasure. This treasure comes in all shapes and sizes; it is the newborn baby we get up in the middle of the night to feed, it is the wayward child who craves our affection yet will never ask for it, it is the elderly loved one hanging on...

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What’s in your bag?

So this last Sunday my handbag preached for me. I have many things in this bag that most people don't need and ridicule, but on my way to church they became the answer for someone else. I helped a cyclist at the train station who had been in a car crash, he was in distress. He was wounded but I had sanitizer, band aids, cash, sugar, water, tissues, a phone and a bible. We were united through my bag. What...

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Cherish 2014 Promo video

Watch and share the promo video for Cherish Women's Conference 2014, happening in the Leeds First Direct Arena. Girls let's spread the word. Lets unite for purpose, proclaim with great power God's girls are gathering in strength and this new space will allow for new momentum as more join us for Cherish 2014! ...

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Cherish 2014 brochure

The Cherish brochure has arrived!

The Cherish 2014 brochure has finally arrived. It contains all you will want to know about the upcoming Cherish conference in the Leeds First Arena. We can't wait for Cherish to arrive now! Scroll down to view the brochure online. ...

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As so many kids & probably big kids too, are opening a daily advent calendar & eating its contents and  then moving on with their day, is that really all advent is about? Maybe we could take this advent season and create something that has a longer lasting impact than the chocolate treat. Advent means 'the coming', a time that has been traditionally celebrated for years in the church. A time where our hearts and minds are to be focused...

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An update from Africa

What do you say when poverty is staring you in the face, when need and desperation are all around you, where do you start when there seems no end to the despair and the needs are relentless. Today that was the situation that faced me and our team as we went into the slums of Kibera where they estimate one million people are currently living in abject poverty Yet as we walked down the streets piled high with rubbish and sewage, a...

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Pre-order Turnaround God

You can now pre-order Turnaround God on my website. So excited about what is within these pages. Freedom, hope and life giving words I pray for all who read it. The God we serve doesn’t just improve things he can turn anything around xxx UK Release date: September 24th - pre-order here US Release date: September 17th - pre-order here  ...

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Turn Around God

So today I found out @thomasnelson got an early release of my book to New Zealand for this conference and we sold out first day. This is someone else's copy I got to photograph but i want my own copy soon please!!! So excited about what is within these pages. Freedom, hope and life giving words I pray for all who read it. The God we serve doesn't just improve things he can turn anything around xxx ...

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Everyday for many many years an artist went to work on high ladders, painting each corner and space of this ceiling with extreme care and detail. I am sure there were many days the monotony of painting got overwhelming, it would have been tempting to quit or cut corners from the back breaking intense work. But the craftsman made a choice that even if this art work was so high no one may ever see the detail, even if he...

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Keep On Going

Sometimes we can question if all we are doing is making a difference. The size of the task to bring restoration to lives around us can seem overwhelming. We can look at where communities have fallen into disrepair and question is it worth the investment! But when we commit to rebuilding, restoring & reviving the places where we live, the relationships & lives around us, God works with us! He gets involved in a miraculous way, when we mobilize. For...

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