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Turn Around God

So today I found out @thomasnelson got an early release of my book to New Zealand for this conference and we sold out first day. This is someone else's copy I got to photograph but i want my own copy soon please!!! So excited about what is within these pages. Freedom, hope and life giving words I pray for all who read it. The God we serve doesn't just improve things he can turn anything around xxx ...

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Everyday for many many years an artist went to work on high ladders, painting each corner and space of this ceiling with extreme care and detail. I am sure there were many days the monotony of painting got overwhelming, it would have been tempting to quit or cut corners from the back breaking intense work. But the craftsman made a choice that even if this art work was so high no one may ever see the detail, even if he...

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Keep On Going

Sometimes we can question if all we are doing is making a difference. The size of the task to bring restoration to lives around us can seem overwhelming. We can look at where communities have fallen into disrepair and question is it worth the investment! But when we commit to rebuilding, restoring & reviving the places where we live, the relationships & lives around us, God works with us! He gets involved in a miraculous way, when we mobilize. For...

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