Think about this for a moment; God is on your side, He is working on your behalf. He is your very present help, right now He is with you. If we really believe and comprehend those truths then maybe we could let go of some of the lies that we so often carry around, causing our hearts to be heavy and mind to worry. We can so easily over exaggerate the stance of others and under play the incredible promises of...

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Don’t Lose Your Fire

  Passion is often the first thing to die when problems or pressure emerges. Yet it is the fire within us that has the ability to consume the opposition and the distractions around us. Remember to tend the fire of your soul today. When doubts want to dampen your spirit throw more coals on the fire of your faith. Add more conversations and confessions that feed the fire and stoke your spirit. With fire raging in our hearts, our hope will...

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If the feeling is mutual, the effort will be equal

Sometimes we place too much effort in the wrong direction. This can result in our life slowing down and adding a drag effect to our progress. Instead of focus and clarity, we can end up having drama and diversions. When those we thought were committed become complacent then the weight we are carrying becomes unequally distributed. As a result you can become overwhelmed and disappointed as now where you agreed to share the load, you have personal overload. When you set out in...

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This weekend we hung a tree swing for our kids (& all our big kid friends) We selected the largest and strongest tree in our back yard as the place where it would be hung. As we cleared the ground beneath the tree, we saw just how incredible this trees root system was. Its roots were so deep and impressive, developed over hundreds of years that tree was going nowhere. That's why we had chosen it to bear the weight of...

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Sometimes your feelings will slam a door shut that faith wanted to keep open

  We all have to learn how to discern between feelings and facts in any given situation.   Too often our feelings want to be heard, demonstrate their displeasure, make known their objection or approval. Feelings want to find friends who affirm them and join conversations that justify them. However feelings can often overwhelm and avoid the facts. Facts don't get involved in the emotion as they are more focused on the right outcome. Facts are clear, even when it is hard to face...

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The Art of Still

The Art of Still

The art of still is something we learn over time. Being still means to find that depth of trust and steadiness, that no matter what the storm, the still within holds fast. In life many things want to knock you off balance. Relationships, reactions, attitudes, circumstances they are the invaders and thieves of stillness. Stillness is not being apathetic or ignoring the issues. Rather, it is making a choice that even when the adversity approaches, you will stay committed to...

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what drives you blog post

What Drives You?

What drives you? It's a question we must regularly ask ourselves. For what is behind the wheel, will determine not only where we end up, but how we get there. I have found too many times people allow ambition to take the wheel of their life. Ambition is a terrible driver. It cares nothing for the passengers onboard, only that it gets to it’s desired destination first. It drives with little awareness of the other vehicles around it. Cutting in...

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you have a choice forreal

You Always Have A Choice

Often we can feel like we have no options. Circumstances or people around us can seem to be more in control of our future than we feel we are. It's at those moments when we start to believe a lie. The lie being 'you have no choice, so just accept it, put up with it, deal with it!' But that's far from the truth and it's what I want to remind you of today. You see, you may not have chosen the...

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Who can you inspire today and what will you inspire?   Inspire someone to go a little further, smile a little brighter. Inspire another to love deeper and sing louder. Inspire with words and without words. Inspire through actions and through stillness. We all get to be an inspiration today. We all get to choose the way which we enter a room and what happens to the atmosphere in that room because we are there.   Today - remember you can be an inspiration,...

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show it dont just say it

Show it, don’t just say it.

We are all preaching something with our everyday lives. The way we conduct ourselves when no one is watching, the way we speak when we don't know people are listening. The way we stay disciplined when no one is checking on us. The way we love when no one is loving us back. The power of a great message is not only found in its delivery but in its authenticity.   Let's live out a far better message everyday, than in saying...

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Today is a Good Day Too!

What is it that makes you excited? What sort of days or events make you ‘lean in’ to what the future holds for you? It's always good to remember that while attributes like consistency, discipline, hard work, commitment, loyalty, truth, persistence may not appear exciting; these are the very qualities that make the exciting possible. No great adventure happens without greater preparation. No incredible parties take place without incredible planning and commitment. No amazing mountain top view is achieved without the...

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Checklist for the Season

At this, the start of a new season, I think we need to realign our focus and decide what we spend our time on. “Dream Big, Work Hard, Stay Focused and Surround Yourself with Good People” Yep...

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Fly High, Fly Well.

When a pilot is preparing for a flight, they have a checklist of elements which all need to work together before take off in order for the flight to be successful and not stressful. They need a flight plan but also need the correct fuel. They need a trained and committed crew, the right amount of passengers and to ensure the weather conditions will not impede the flight. Today maybe you’re not flying as high or as fast as you want...

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What a Good Friday

Today my son asked me, 'why do we call good Friday good, when something so bad took place?' He understood the act of the cross but didn't like the name of the day, didn’t find it fitting. When Jesus endured the most cruel and undeserved death, it was hard for him to say that it was a good day. Yet when we take on heaven’s perspective we can see things differently, for that day was not random or unexpected. It...

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Welcome Home

When I think of HOME I start with the front door, the initial welcome that anyone who comes to visit will find. Our world needs to know they are welcome and in a time when many are being told there is no place they can call HOME, surely the church must rise as never before and open wide it's hearts and doors. Let's build a life that says 'we were expecting you'. Let's have an entrance way that is fragrant...

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There’s no elevator to success, take the stairs!

Here’s a thought for you today! Just in case you are tempted to spend this year looking for the short cut or the elevator to get you to where your heart desires; can I save you some time and suggest you take the stairs. Stairs are your friend in 2016, each step you take builds more strength into your story. The staircase will teach you the value of journey and the lessons in your progress....

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Compromise brings confusion

Where you allow compromise, you welcome confusion. Here’s the thing, any parent can tell you once you start negotiating and compromising values, bed times, responsibilities with your kids you will open the gates for lots of confusion manipulation and therefore misinterpretation. The same happens in all areas of our life. Being flexible and willing to change is CRUCIAL but that is very different from compromising. The enemy wants you to compromise, which means to give up ground. He would like you...

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Focus leads to effectiveness. Decisions fuel our determination. Sometimes we simply need to clarify our commitment before we get confused by all the chaos any given day can bring. So today try answer these simple questions. What do you want to build? Your marriage, friendship, business, ministry? If so then make sure you do something that builds, be specific and use words that build, actions that build, build that person, marriage, area up today. Who can you help? A colleague,...

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Build now for later

Expansion is something we can all seek. We want to increase our effectiveness, expand our future. We may pray for more opportunity, to take new ground. God wants to give us increase. Yet like every good parent he wants the growth you gain to be the growth you keep. He wants his kids to grow in strength not just height. He wants our lives to increase not just in opportunity but more importantly in maturity. Whenever growth and expansion comes...

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