Fly High, Fly Well.


Fly High, Fly Well.

When a pilot is preparing for a flight, they have a checklist of elements which all need to work together before take off in order for the flight to be successful and not stressful. They need a flight plan but also need the correct fuel. They need a trained and committed crew, the right amount of passengers and to ensure the weather conditions will not impede the flight.

Today maybe you’re not flying as high or as fast as you want because some pre-flight elements need adjusting. Where you feel out of sync or lacking in some areas, take deliberate steps today to make changes which will help you go further, better. Maybe your progress is not as difficult to attain as you first believed. Go well friends, I pray you fly high and welcome aboard your life those things that will make the journey a good one, arriving safely in the places your heart has been dreaming of.
C xxx

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