God how great thou art!


God how great thou art!

Here’s a little challenging thought for you today!  Sometimes you need to start your day with a deliberate choice! SO, I choose today not to dwell on the hours of hard work but on the privilege and honor of the call. It’s my choice: Self pity or grateful heart. Worship or worry. Prayer of panic. Complaint or calling. Exhausted or excited. Your throughts drive your engine! Choose your fuel well today and you will find the day is a joy, not one you endure. Overwhelm the to do list with love for the cause and surround all the deadlines with gratitude. We have much to do, yes. But we have even more to be grateful for that God has already done, and now entrusted us with. So let’s go.
Today sing of his greatness, celebrate his goodness and tell stories of his faithfulness. His greatness cannot be measured, so stop worrying and start praising. Gods timing may not look like yours, but the truth is he is always on time. Trust today the awesomeness of your God. Sing don’t stress, be God aware not pressure bound. Magnify don’t minimize God’s love and power. Expect good things, read psalm 145 at some point today and you too will say: God how great thou art! 

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