Show it, don’t just say it.

show it dont just say it

Show it, don’t just say it.

We are all preaching something with our everyday lives. The way we conduct ourselves when no one is watching, the way we speak when we don’t know people are listening. The way we stay disciplined when no one is checking on us. The way we love when no one is loving us back. The power of a great message is not only found in its delivery but in its authenticity.


Let’s live out a far better message everyday, than in saying something exceptional on one day. Consistency over performance. Integrity over impressiveness. Truth over talent. Surrender over self.


When we preach with our lives, we don’t seek a platform on which we can perform as we realize we are already telling our story with every decision and action we make. Speak up with your life now, amplify with your actions and be the message in your everyday rather than waiting for an opportunity one day! Be the message you would want to hear.

C xxx

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