Today is a Good Day Too!


Today is a Good Day Too!

What is it that makes you excited? What sort of days or events make you ‘lean in’ to what the future holds for you? It’s always good to remember that while attributes like consistency, discipline, hard work, commitment, loyalty, truth, persistence may not appear exciting; these are the very qualities that make the exciting possible.

No great adventure happens without greater preparation. No incredible parties take place without incredible planning and commitment. No amazing mountain top view is achieved without the persistent climb. No graduation day arrives without much revision and examination. No miraculous breakthroughs happen on the back of apathy. All great achievements require the consistency of faithfulness and disciplines like prayer and consistency.

So when you’re in the stages of preparation don’t hold off the celebration. Get excited about the work that is helping you reach the place where you want to be. Be excited about the power of the preparation and be expectant as you stay disciplined. When we delay our excitement we can resent our journey. But when you have an understanding that what you do now will lead to where you want to be later, you see something to celebrate everyday. Stay excited on the way.

C xxx

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