What a Good Friday


What a Good Friday

Today my son asked me, ‘why do we call good Friday good, when something so bad took place?’ He understood the act of the cross but didn’t like the name of the day, didn’t find it fitting. When Jesus endured the most cruel and undeserved death, it was hard for him to say that it was a good day. Yet when we take on heaven’s perspective we can see things differently, for that day was not random or unexpected. It was purposed and part of a 3 day event that would change every day thereafter.

On that day at the cross nothing but darkness and hatred could be heard. And yet in the same moment, in the unseen realm love and light, an angelic army was lead to victory. For just as darkness thought it had everything, it was about to discover it had nothing. As hate was trying to say it had won, it had already lost. Though the day at the cross appeared a bad day, for all of us it became the most humbling and greatest day. A day when Jesus said ‘it is finished’ to darkness and then bowed his head as he opened the door for freedom. Jesus left no debt outstanding, every part of his pain was for your healing. Every scar he endured was for your shame and sin to be removed.

That day, though it looked bad, was oh so good. Good at a level we cannot truly comprehend. Good beyond anything we could ever imagine and good that did more for you and I than we could ever earn or deserve. This day was not just a ‘good’ day but the most great and awesome day as heaven began a 3 day victory parade where love would pay it all so we can be free. If you’re reading this today and don’t know Jesus as your savior, the one who forgives, heals and frees you. Today, this Good Friday can become the day you let what He did for you, change you. When the chains of sin can be broken because His love secured the keys of life. I am praying for you right now that you would seek him today. He paid it all for all. Today I can’t wait to gather and thank god for giving us his best in exchange for our worst. This is love and love wins in the end.

C xxx

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