Recently I felt God speak strongly to my heart from Isaiah 52; to get ready for a season of enlargement. While I was excited about the thought of what that could look like, I was instantly sobered and aware of the commitment and work that would also bring. Enlargement requires our engagement. It calls for a willingness to work and a humility to serve and surrender. Every time we seek enlargement we have to find a place where we get on our knees again and say yes to a new level of engagement. Maybe this recent experience I had can help add another layer of understanding for those who are saying ‘enlarge me Lord’.

I recently ordered a lot of very pretty furniture online. It didn’t arrive as I saw it on the internet. It wasn’t pretty at all when it was delivered at my door. It looked like a big pile of boxes. The cupboard, unit, drawers that would give me more storage, pretty pieces for our home started with boxes! The enlargement of each item would require engagement. Opening the box, reading the instructions (a step most want to miss by the way) building each section and probably rebuilding many times the parts I incorrectly built the first time due to haste. Yes, enlargement calls for personal commitment. So as I felt God speak this to my spirit I found myself whispering back “I get it God, I’ll go get my tool kit”. Let’s pray for the things we are willing to build, so that every box delivered gets unpacked and finds its full potential.

I pray this new season of enlargement finds a heart that is ready for all the expansion and engagement it will require, yep I’m preaching to myself, but hopefully helping someone else on the journey too.