It is a responsibility and privilege when people look to you in any area for advice and help. They are leaning into what you have learnt. Whether that be in the role of parent, mentor, friend, leader. The ask that comes, honours the wisdom that has been gained. Yet, if we get carried away with dispensing advice, we can forget the most important element of this transaction. That lessons taught are authenticated by lessons learnt.

The moment we as a dispenser of wisdom stop being a learner of wisdom, we have placed a ceiling on the advice we qualify in giving.

For every time you give out, also be ready to take in. No one has all the answers and therefore we can all learn something from someone. If your an advice, wisdom giver in any area, be a listener and learner in every area. Keep growing so you can keep giving. Keep asking so you can keep answering. Keep listening so you can keep leading well.