We often spend more time lost than we need to, more time searching than necessary and more time struggling than makes sense. The reason we can prolong our situation is because we have lost the art of asking. We feel to ask is somehow embarrassing. Our pride tells us to persevere on our own, our struggle says no one will want to help. Yet asking is an essential part to growing.

At school asking was encouraged in order to learn more. We grew through our ask, but the older we become the more we try to make it happen on our own and we feel to ask would almost be a waste of time, a sign of weakness. Yet asking is inviting, it says enter my world, help me, advice me. When we ask we acknowledge where we are at and we find answers that are hidden within other people’s stories. We dignify the wisdom within one another and we listen more intentionally so we can move more purposefully. What in 2018 do you need to ask? Ask for help, ask for wisdom. Ask for directions, ask people over, ask that person on a date. Ask for the promotion, ask for prayer.

The Bible teaches us we should ask often. And it also tells us in James ‘we have not because we ask not and when we do ask we have the wrong motive’. So keep your motive pure and make your ask often.

Let 2018 see more growth because of more ask. You never know your ask could be the start of the miracle you have been searching for, and if the answer you get isn’t the one you expected then you will also benefit from the ask. It will resolve what wasn’t clear and stop you wasting time in the wrong direction. Have a year that asks more because God loves to answer more.