In a world where we are told to do and be many things, we need to remind ourselves often what are the main things. Too many times we act, speak, move, decide and leave kind behind. Yet Kindness is king. It changes everything and we can all BE KIND. Raising our kids this is the main thing I want them to remember. Being kind will serve them better than being ambitious, striving for success, being gifted, having popularity. Because the true win in life is when you don’t leave behind your achievements but acts of kindness. 2018 needs more people on a campaign to just be kind.

So let’s raise kind kids, have kind marriages, be kind friends and lead kind lives and work with a kindness ethos. Let kindness guide your words and actions. It’s not about what people do for you or too you. It’s about the kindness you decide to shine through you. Today maybe stop striving for lots of things and just focus on this one thing. Be kind to yourself, be kind to a world that needs to reminded kindness is a language we can all choose to speak and we all understand.