Life often demands us to respond to things around us. Yet intentionality allows you and I to choose our response before things happen to us. We can all become more intentional in our speech, actions, asks. Intentionality makes decisions in the present, that go ahead and help shape the future. When we are more intentional about the people we listen to, invest in, places we go or don’t go, We remove the derailing power of reactive living, which can throw us of course with every changing situation or opinion.

We live in a very reactive society and therefore we as the church need to become much more proactive about our purpose. Intentionality targets your prayers rather than allows circumstances to hijack them. Intentionality asks on purpose rather than waits for permission. Intentionality moves your confession from casual to intentional.

What are you intentionally, deliberately, purposefully going to ask, seek and do this month. Caleb’s daughter asked for springs of water. Jabez cried out intentionally to be blessed despite his circumstances saying stay silent. Job intentionally choose in his hardest times to bless God anyway. David intentionally provided for Solomon to build what he had dreamed he would build. We need to become those who are less casual and more intentional. Not wasting words but planting them. Not talking about actions but doing them. Where can you plan a few more intentional actions, thanks, asks, blessings, appointments that will help lift up, build up and move you up from living defensively to living intentionally.