What do you see emptiness or possibility? Sometimes we are so overwhelmed by what we don’t see or have, we become blind to the actual possibilities right in front of us. There are times in our lives when we need to strip things back so we can actually build the right things up.

There are seasons where we may feel we have less but maybe it’s because God doesn’t want to add to what needs to be removed. Old wine doesn’t go in new wineskins and so maybe if you are feeling an emptying then it’s getting you ready for a new kind of filling.

We all outgrow things and so we must learn where we need to stop clinging on, so we can clear it out. We can keep our life full but sometimes that fullness is now preventing any newness. Don’t be scared of emptiness often God will use it to show His greatness. After all the idea is less of me, more of Him. Which means a lot more things may need to be taken away so that we can do and see God’s better way.