Circle the Promise, Not the Problem

Circle the Promise, Not the Problem

We all have problems to navigate. But the question is, what do you see in the midst of the trial?


When God had his people circle Jericho, it wasn’t to tease them but to teach them. Jericho was a problem but they had to circle it until they could see the promise. The promise that: the walls would fall, they would conquer the enemy and it would be not by their power but more through their patience.


We all have those situations that intimidate and seem too difficult to tackle. Maybe you need to look again and don’t see the walls but see his word. Don’t see the problem but see the promise. Save your shout for when it’s necessary and use your wait to wage a different kind of warfare. One of trust over stress. One where your peace is not dependent on instant results.
Today take another lap of that situation, but instead of panicking or doubting, hold your tongue, keep the peace and remind your heart over and over that you are not in this alone. God is more than able, so remain stable and determine to have a heart that is not fearful but faith filled. Circle the promise not the problem and everything changes from the inside out.

C xx

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