Just whilst I was on my phone the other day, I caught a picture of a lightbulb very much like this one, and it spoke to me. Our potential is amazing but finding our purpose is better. This light bulb has great potential to illuminate places and yet without being used for the purpose it was designed it not only offers no light, but it is fragile and susceptible to being broken. This light needs to attach itself to the place it was designed for.

This year in 2017 don’t be a potential light and life source, be purposeful. Plug your gifts and talents into a place where you can bring illumination. If you are a floating Christian try planting this year, it will help you unlock what is within you, that disconnection will never trigger. If you are a constant moving employee, find a company or place to attach yourself to and allow the setting to help you shine and increase your capacity. If your uncommitted relationally, take the next step and find people you can do life with and see new purpose unfold through committing instead of just visiting.

Don’t leave your potential in a place of vulnerability this year, fragile to the elements and changing circumstances. Why not bring your potential wattage into a setting that will harness your power and then use it for a much bigger purpose. Don’t allow yourself to be distant and fragile in 2017 when God has designed people and places where you can fit and become more stable. Your ability to shine is not in question. The light is within you, so maybe we just need a greater willingness to bring that light to a place where it can be more alive within you and more purposeful for those around you.


C xx

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