All the Possibilities of Today

All the Possibilities of Today


Everyday as you awaken, so does possibility. It lingers in the atmosphere. What could you do? What can you change? You see possibility is ready to enlarge your heart and explode with potential and suggestions for how to reach further and live greater. Possibility is aware of your God, who is above it all and makes all things possible to those who believe.


Yet at the side of possibility is the anxious and attention seeking “limitation”. Limitation waits for you to wake, so it can remind you of all you can’t do today. It lingers to let you know you don’t have enough hours, resources, friends or strength to even consider what possibility is trying to suggest. Limitation is loud and obnoxious and always willing to let you know what it wants you to know. It doesn’t even allow your God to figure in its equation as limitation would rather you focus on your lack so you make a more appropriate choice.


Every day these two forces ask you to choose. Choose me says limitation don’t over stretch and believe that hype you will only fail. Limit your giving, loving, believing. But possibility shouts there is another way. It doesn’t have to be perfect to be possible. Possibility says come on! Step out! Take a leap! Let’s go! So, which will lead you today? Whose counsel will you take? You decide. As the one you greet will become the one you meet. So think before you say hello to that thought or disposition. Make sure your conversation is with the right companion. You must choose, but just a little suggestion if I may; say hello to possibility and you will find limitation won’t have much to say to you today.


Go for it!

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