Just because you can carry it, doesn’t mean you should. Sometimes we add things to our life that don’t really fit. Though we may find a way to strap those commitments, relationships, and opportunities on, it doesn’t mean they are going to be able to stay on. If what we attach was placed there through our insecurity or anxiety, striving or people pleasing, it will only take a little adverse weather for what was holding it in place to lose its place. The idea is not to just keep increasing the load, unless we are first enlarging our life. Increased activity should always follow time spent growing our capacity. Becoming more, goes before doing more, so that we protect what’s precious and refrain from decisions that can lead to something reckless. Today don’t let your life become a hazard on the road, endangering you, what you carry and those following you. Don’t let your yes to opportunity, become more vocal than your yes to deepening and strengthening your character and capacity. God has so much more for us all. He wants to add great things to your life but he wants what he adds to bless and not burden. Therefore let’s take the time to know how to pack our life well. Prioritise, pray, prepare and at times be patient. Sometimes it’s better to travel the road twice than try to carry everyone and everything at once.

C xx

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