Be The One.

Be The One.

All day, all week I am going to be giving thanks for so many things God has done over the last few days at Cherish Conference.


Let’s build something that radiates his beauty. Let’s not look for the glory, let’s not use one another to advance our own cause. Let us be the ones who set one another up to win. Let the radiance of His light overwhelm the darkness. For in Him and through Him we SHINE. Light to the lost. Light to the lonely. Rise up daughters of the light and sing such truth over the lies. Nothing so dark He can not make bright again. His light cleans our soul and stirs up the embers within. Truly worship the King of Kings. He makes you clean.


One time Jesus healed 10 lepers, they all received a miracle. Something they could never imagine possible, became possible. Their lives were forever changed. They had been given a gift of healing and now could go home different. As they rushed off to tell everyone about what had happened and went to enjoy this new found freedom, one stopped. Just one! One paused for a moment and then turned around. All of a sudden he was aware that before he rushed ahead he needed to go back and say something. He found Jesus and threw his arms around Him and with tears of gratitude, thanked Him for the miracle he had received.


When Jesus saw that one came back to do something for Him, He was so moved. This act of gratitude towards Jesus drew from Him an extra blessing. This one leper was now not just healed but made whole. Only one went to say thank you. Only one was willing to delay the party so he could show his gratitude.


So today and all week. I am in thank you mode because I want to be like that ONE. I am so very thankful for all He has done, for all who came, for all who served, for all the wisdom imparted, for the days we are living in. For the privilege of playing a part in something so divine, for being alive at such a time as this.


Today why don’t you join me and Be one who makes time to say thank you for all God has done. You will find, like that leper, that thanksgiving always tips you into greater blessing.


Girls, we couldn’t love you more. We pray you left Cherish Conference set up to win. We are part of something very special together and we have only just begun. Thank you to everyone who came, everyone who served. To all who sacrificed so that this was possible. My heart is so full of thanks to each and everyone. See you next year.


C xxx