Sometimes the first thing we need to check are the words we have been speaking, before we get frustrated at what we are seeing. We need to be more mindful of both the outbursts we have and the things we have spoken quietly even whispered silently. The words we are speaking are consistently affecting the way we see. Every confession will either clarify or confuse the lens of your life. Each declaration will add depth or distortion. We tend to be focused with our words in times of warfare, but what about the rest of the time. Maybe we need to be more deliberate about what we are saying everyday, so we can avoid the disasters and detours that sometimes our own confessions have been incubating unchecked. This week be more aware of your words. I know it can be hard especially if you use a lot of them each day. Your confession, your intonation they matter. Be mindful that speaking about it, will change your perspective of it, for better or worse. Be wise in your words. Choose the words that give you the best window through which to view your current circumstances. Words matter and they have a lot more power than we often realise. So take a little time to check the confession before you start trying to adjust the situation. Line up your words with His word. Let your confession be faith filled and your vantage point will become more God filled.

Breathe: new devotional

Inhale Truth – Exhale Life