Checklist for the Season

Checklist for the Season

At this, the start of a new season, I think we need to realign our focus and decide what we spend our time on.

“Dream Big, Work Hard, Stay Focused and Surround Yourself with Good People”

Yep…this checklist works for me. Today, maybe use this little list to see what area needs more attention in your day-to-day life. I have found that there is not just one of these elements we need to succeed, but it’s their combined power which can move us forward with more faith and force.

I have met BIG dreamers, who are still just dreaming. They are always talking about vision and ideas but are yet to develop a disciplined attitude to work. They feel they will work hard one day in the future when they finally get to do what they deemed “the dream”. Yet even if your current work isn’t in the field you ultimately desire, instilling the principle of faithful hard work now will move you towards those greater things. Alternatively, I have found very focused individuals, surrounded by distracting and unfocused company or conversations. I have seen the greatest potential within someone fall away as it attached itself to unmotivated and uncommitted people. Today, be aware of the elements not just within you but around you.

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