2017 will see many things happen. Changes in circumstances and relationships. Good and bad times will be navigated. Times when you will dig deep and climb high. Though the terrain ahead can be hard at times to predict and difficult to prepare for, there is one thing we can commit and give our time to this year that is guaranteed to bring great reward to you and your world. Your plan to work on you.


Take time at the start of the year to say what do I want to reconstruct, build, repair in my own heart, mind and soul? Don’t neglect the good work of doing some good work on you. We all have room for improvement, no one is perfect so let’s allow room to grow, by not expecting one another to be impressive, but encouraging each other to be more reflective and committed to the pace and progress that comes with doing some soul improvements.


What does your ‘better’, look like this year, better health, choices, relationships, marriage, leadership, disciplines, consistency; Choose your better and make a plan of how you can change over time. Rather than wait for circumstances to demand things from you in the moment, choose to work now on storing up that better grace, love, joy, patience over time. I am working on my better list today for my year ahead, what about you?

C xx

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