Choose Your Own SoundTrack

Choose Your Own SoundTrack

As you head out into another week, what are you choosing to listen to? What’s the playlist in your ears? We all get to choose. The noise that surrounds us, will never have as much power as the noise within us.


When stress is playing over the sound system around you, you can choose to play your own soundtrack of peace. When the volume is turned up with negativity, you can adjust your own levels and listen to something with better energy. It can take a while to remember to control your own sound levels and select your tracks, but soon it becomes part of what you do everyday.


My daughter constantly walks around with music playing in her headphones. She has selected what she wants to listen to and that teaches me something spiritually. I can’t control what others play, but I can select my own playlist for the day.


So, what’s your soundtrack going to be this week? What lyrics will you have in your ears and what beat will you move to? Load up your spiritual playlist and get your soundtrack ready to make this week one you want to have on repeat.

C xx