The journey of leadership is as lonely as you choose to make it

Charlotte Gambill
Welcome to The Collective

The Collective

Definition: The forming of a group who are motivated by a common cause working together to achieve a joint objective
Walk with the wise and become wise. – Proverbs 13v20

Part of the joy of life’s journey are the people we get to walk with. Different stages of our journey require new levels of input and investment. Some people who bring strength to our story we may stumble upon, but others we intentionally invite. The Collective is the opportunity to choose your company, cultivate your conversation and deepen your commitment to gaining the wisdom you need for the road ahead.

Why The Collective & why now?
Is The Collective for me?

The Conversation

Definition: a place where two or more share new ideas, observations, feelings and story.
Iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another. – Proverbs 27v17

In life we have to choose our conversations. For many leaders this is an area that can feel challenging and at times lonely. When you lead, often the conversations are driven by others agendas, needs and desires. It can feel like a one-sided narrative. Therefore, as leaders we must seek out places where the iron within us may be sharpened by the iron in another. Those conversations are ones you must cultivate, and those conversations are ones that can be life changing.

Each season of The Collective will run over 5 months. Each season, we will gather together for:

  • 5 Live Zoom Conversations (max 2 hours per call)
  • Teaching input from Charlotte
  • Material and Course notes
  • Q&A Opportunities
  • Prayer Network and Support access on community platform
What’s involved in The Collective?

The Commitment

Definition: the act of committing, pledging and engaging oneself to someone or something.
Wisdom is the most valuable commodity—so buy it! Revelation-knowledge is what you need—so invest in it! – Proverbs 4v7 (TPT)

Throughout our life we invest and commit to many things. Some investments are costly emotionally, some relationally and others financially. The investments we make, whether intentional or not, become the harvest we reap. Sometimes we need to assess the seed and change the soil to flourish into the future we feel called to attain. The Collective is a commitment to give our time and intentionality to invest our hearts and join hands.

Is there a cost? And if so why?

Come and join the Collective

We are delighted to release The Collective: Season One course dates for next year!

Wednesday February 2nd 2022 – 3-5PM (GMT) | 9-11am (CST)

Wednesday March 23rd 2022 – 3-5PM (GMT) | 9-11am (CST)

Wednesday April 13th 2022 – 3-5PM (BST) | 9-11am (CDT)

Wednesday May 18th 2022 – 3-5PM (BST) | 9-11am (CDT)

Wednesday June 29th 2022 – 3-5PM (BST) | 9-11am (CDT)

If you are in leadership and feel like The Collective is the right space for you then we would love to hear from you.

Hope to see you soon.

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