Compromise brings confusion

Compromise brings confusion

Where you allow compromise, you welcome confusion.

Here’s the thing, any parent can tell you once you start negotiating and compromising values, bed times, responsibilities with your kids you will open the gates for lots of confusion manipulation and therefore misinterpretation. The same happens in all areas of our life. Being flexible and willing to change is CRUCIAL but that is very different from compromising. The enemy wants you to compromise, which means to give up ground. He would like you to compromise your faith and settle for a partial breakthrough, believe for an average marriage, embrace a lukewarm faith. The Bible tells us chose life or death, be hot or cold, but don’t sit on the fence. We have to wake up to the subtle thief of compromise.

Today, in leading and in loving let’s bring clarity not confusion. Let’s not make negotiable our future and blessing. Let’s be people who fight for what’s right instead of compromise for what’s acceptable. If you’re saying I commit then do it, don’t compromise your word by your uncommitted actions. If you say I am for you, I am your friend then don’t compromise your relationship by not being there or showing you care. Too often the confusion in our homes, churches, relationships is because what we thought was clear has become compromised and now confusion is in people’s hearts and minds. Today be a person of your word, be a consistent follower, a faithful friend, a trustworthy teacher. Be all in where you are planted. Be available to those you have committed to. As a parent allow your love to bring clarity not your emotions to cause confusion.

Jesus loved all, served all, and His message was clear to all. He didn’t compromise salvation, direction, truth or justice. He was the way, the truth and the life.
Today what area is confused, check for a place where you may feel compromised and get back to the clarity that comes from His light, His words, His love.

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