It’s officially here, the last month of the year. So here’s what I am thinking. What can you do to make this December one to remember? Amongst all the Christmas preparations take a moment and think about this month. It represents the end pages on your 2016 chapter.

Sometimes we allow what needed to be said in one year, roll into next years story. We allow loose ends to be left untied, when with a little time some could be taken care of before the years out. Don’t hold back the love, kindness, forgiveness, joy or peace you can bring into your now. Amongst all the gifts you give this month, maybe this is the best gift you can give yourself. Though we can’t resolve every situation, we can decide to close the year with hope and love leading the way. Don’t wait until January to start new, when you may first need December to deal with the old. This month you can lay the ground work with a beautiful ending which will propel you into new beginnings.

Maybe this year has been one full of adventure, challenge, breakthrough and maybe it’s brought some hard stuff too. That’s life my friends but how you want this chapter to end you get to decide. You hold the pen and God will give you the strength and ability to write. So maybe take some time to close this year well and make this December one to remember.

                                                                                                    C xx

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