Discipline is a word we love to hate. We want the results but the routine, well that can get boring, monotonous. Yet our approach to the hard work that brings the best results, either makes the discipline just bearable or enjoyable. I have had to change my perspective on many occasions when it comes to the daily commitments that discipline demands. So whatever discipline you are struggling to embrace. Be it exercise, diet, prayer, chores, study, music, commitments. Today think of all the ways other people’s discipline has made a way for you. The ones who have consistently shown up, given, encouraged, taught, inspired. The teachers, the trainers, experts, counsellors. The ones who discipline helped you get through and whose hard work became your answer to prayer. Allow your appreciation for the discipline of others to grow, and in so doing begin to express gratitude for what discipline brings to your life Our awareness and appreciation for what someone’s commitment can do, increases our ability to see what that same commitment can do through you. Today I ran, as I do everyday. At first I didn’t want to go but then I reminded myself why I go. I run because I want to stay well, for my family, my call and my own well being. I run because it gives me space to think, pray, process and keeps me on the path of keeping a commitment that’s not only good for my body but soul also. The discipline I expressed today was a gift for my tomorrow. So today embrace the process you may have begun to recent and think of the bigger perspective before you dismiss the short term pain. You got this my friend, get to it and stay at it.

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