Don’t Lose Your Fire

Don’t Lose Your Fire


Passion is often the first thing to die when problems or pressure emerges. Yet it is the fire within us that has the ability to consume the opposition and the distractions around us.

Remember to tend the fire of your soul today. When doubts want to dampen your spirit throw more coals on the fire of your faith. Add more conversations and confessions that feed the fire and stoke your spirit. With fire raging in our hearts, our hope will not weaken and our path will stay well lit.

Tend to the fire within your heart today, don’t allow the embers to grow cold. Remember why you serve, why you love, why you commit, why you’re born for such a time as this. Stoke up the passion for your place, people, promise and purpose. Drown out the rain and feed the fire with his word. Don’t be so consumed with all the adverse weather that you forget to protect and intensify your own fire.

Today burn bright and bring the heat.

C xx