Think about this for a moment; God is on your side, He is working on your behalf. He is your very present help, right now He is with you. If we really believe and comprehend those truths then maybe we could let go of some of the lies that we so often carry around, causing our hearts to be heavy and mind to worry.

We can so easily over exaggerate the stance of others and under play the incredible promises of God. People at times may be by your side, others will leave and some may even take sides against you. However if we live our lives over obsessing with people’s intentions we will undermine Gods provision that currently surrounds us. Today where is your focus? Are you placing too much importance on someone’s opinion when God wants to renew your perspective? Have you allowed someone to hurt you and in doing so, forgot the God who is for you?

I love working alongside many incredible people. I believe in the power of team and building together. Yet, I have also learnt to harness to that, a strength to stay consistent when others are inconsistent. To find room to stay rooted in the times when people may drift. To be focused when others may leave or even take sides against you. It’s never easy, people can be unkind and often it can seem things are done that side wipe you for no real reason. But people are people, none of us are perfect and so in those times you have to remember God is God. His decision to stay by your side has never altered. He is not leaving or forsaking anyone of us.

Focus on the one who is on your side today and you will find new grace for those on every side. Today what would you do, say differently if you did it with the very present knowledge that God is right now on your side, because He is.

C xx