If the feeling is mutual, the effort will be equal

If the feeling is mutual, the effort will be equal

Sometimes we place too much effort in the wrong direction. This can result in our life slowing down and adding a drag effect to our progress. Instead of focus and clarity, we can end up having drama and diversions.

When those we thought were committed become complacent then the weight we are carrying becomes unequally distributed. As a result you can become overwhelmed and disappointed as now where you agreed to share the load, you have personal overload. When you set out in any direction it’s important to find those who are not just along for the ride but those who are committed no matter what to be by your side.

Where the feelings are matched by the effort. The words of love are seen not just heard in the actions and attitude they choose. Many may enjoy the path you forge but fewer will forge it with you.

Don’t get upset or disappointed that others are not as committed as you are, we have to learn to discern the crowd from the core. There is a huge difference between those who say, yes I am on board and enjoy the ride and those who say I am on board now let me help make this happen.

We must always allow the casual travellers to jump in, on the adventure, allow them to enjoy the ride and engage on the journey. You never know they may become a new recruit in the vision. Just don’t hand every passenger your plans until you know it’s in committed hands.

C x