Not everyone is good at saying these words… Some struggle to express them and they rarely, if ever would say them. Others have heard them so often but the meaning has been so lacking, these words have lost the power they once possessed. For some they can’t receive these words as they feel unworthy of them or they have been mistreated by them. Yet the truth is not one person is exempt from these words being spoken over them. Because where we may all have faltering or failing love expressed in the natural we all have eternal and perfect love expressed to us from the one who first loved us. God says this phrase over you and I every single day, it doesn’t depend on your actions or response He simply loves you. In fact he is crazy about you! He loves you where you are right now and his love is something you cannot be separated from. You may drift but his love stays. You may doubt but his love deepens. He loves you! So here’s a thought, why don’t you let him love you and in so doing love yourself that little bit more today! Be kind to yourself. Let his love fill the gaps where you feel unlovely. When others are unkind or neglect to tell you these words hear his voice saying them. Read his words that speak love over you and let his love change you. I have learnt more and more how to allow these words to shape my world and strengthen my heart. God’s love is breathtaking and once you receive it and live in it, it changes your words, thoughts and decisions. This love is strong, consistent, this love is courageous, kind, honest and whole. His words over you now and always are ‘love you’. So whatever you were thinking before you read this, I pray you now think of yourself a whole lot more loved and then I pray you love yourself a whole lot more in response, so you can go ahead and love well those around you.

C xx

Breathe: new devotional

Inhale Truth – Exhale Life