This capture was from a few weeks ago as we sat and watched our team honour and celebrate one another. I remember sitting in this moment, aware of the much larger journey it represented. Every year we choose as a family to name our year, to take a moment when we think about what we want to call and welcome into our future. This picture represents a year of seeing the fulfilment of what we called out. We set out at the start of 2017 declaring that this would be a year where we moved as a family with ‘Faith forward’. Faith for God’s greater, and we have seen unbelievable miracles. Faith to break new ground and we are embracing some pretty amazing projects. Faithfulness in the stewardship of what we have been entrusted. Faith filled friendships that have pushed us deeper and lifted us higher. Faith for personal miracles (which I never was good asking for) and God has shown me how He delights to fulfil our hearts desires when our hearts keep delighting in Him. This has for me been a year like no other, even in the hardest times (and there have definitely been some) I have seen the power of His love and His great faithfulness. So now my heart and mind turn to 2018. To naming the year ahead. So very aware of the more lives to reach and places we are called to help. The adventures that awaits, as well as the challenges. My heart says ‘ Here I am lord send me’. What about you? I want to encourage you to name your year. Take time to think about what you want to call into your future. Frame the year in front of you. There is power in naming things. It establishes and brings an identity. It creates language that begins to cause focus and vision. Get together with your family or friends and have fun naming the year that is about to be, instead of letting the year just show up. Welcome it, name it and I pray you will find more of God’s kindness and faithfulness in your future. 

Breathe: new devotional

Inhale Truth – Exhale Life