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Becoming a partner with CG ministries you help us help others by practically supporting a team through which we are committed to missions work, building the Church locally and globally and the preaching of the Gospel wherever we go!

Thank you for being a partner with us in this great purpose, to reach the lost,  put the Message on all airways, build the church and be love to all those we encounter. In return, we will make sure you are the first to hear the news and insights into the work we do.

On behalf of all those impacted and helped, thank you for your support and for partnering with us!

CG ministries

Our Mission & Vision


Your seed will help further the reach of this ministry. Adding your faith with ours to see a generation empowered and equipped to be all God says they can be.


Through partnership you help others find hope again. This ministry is committed to resourcing the local church, through teaching, resources and a commitment to build church to be a place where many can come home.


Your giving will help us to keep giving in practical ways, in acts of love and kindness to lives all around the globe. Through the work of the ‘Cherish Foundation’, ‘Dare to Be’ ministries and ‘Believes’ we are committed to not only speak love but show love too.

Stories of people helped

What do you see when you see a woman like Beverly. We see hope, love, beauty on a face that has lived an unimaginable life. When she was born her parents left her in a trash can and filled out her birth certificate as if she had died. She was pulled from the trash into a home where she would be kept as a slave. Locked in a cupboard and then sold for sex from the age of 12. Years of abuse and many pregnancies as a result. All of the children she birthed were taken from her and never returned as she was held against her will. Escaping eventually and finding herself on the streets. Until one day broken and helpless she found Jesus and hope and her healing began. It sounds too crazy to be true but what an unbelievable strength and beauty. What a hero. What a woman, who refused to give in when she was given away. Who hoped when she was abused for a better day and who now spends her days helping others find freedom and a place of safety .@daretobeevent honored Beverley and all of heaven applauded her as we prayed her next chapter would bring her restoration and wholeness for every day the enemy tried to hand her devastation and brokenness. Undone at what God has done.


The story of Tiffany is a beautiful one. She is a single mother, raising her son and also caring for her mother who is mentally disabled. Her brother was murdered in a drug related shooting. She has faced setback and hardship, one after another. She is constantly serving her church and never asking for a thing. She started a ministry, serving people who are on dialysis and uses a portion of her very small salary to fund it. Tiffany is in need of several miracles, but she’s not been sitting around waiting for aone, she’s instead been spending her time being a miracle for others. That’s why it was all the more special to be a miracle for her through @daretobeevent.

She had been privately fasting and praying for 21 days for a miracle on how she was going to cover her rent. We surprised her by taking care of this months rent and next months rent. We can’t do everything, but we must do something.  


Andrea is a special woman that we got to honour through DTB. Her reaction? She broke into spontaneous praise and we all cried a river of tears. Her story….
After years of drug addiction and loosing her children because of her addiction Andrea fought to break free. She got herself clean and has been free of drugs for over 9 years. Since then she has got care of her children back. But didn’t stop there she decided with the little she had to help as many in need as she could. Going regularly without food so she can feed kids who are aged out of foster care and sleeping on the street. To helping the homeless and serving other women in need Andrea is a force for good for those who are in the midst of the worst. Recently she had her own home broken into and the little she had was taken. A treasured iPad which she kept a journal on, her son’s new shoes he had saved 7 months to buy. And still the evening of the event she was late as she stopped to buy groceries and cook a meal for the kids who had no bed for the night. Last night we got to say to Andrea thank you for all you give. We celebrated her strength and courage. Then we replaced her iPad, her son’s new shoes and we told her we were paying her next two months rent. And finally we gave her $1000 grocery credit card so she could feed others not from her own fridge but with this card. It was at this point she broke out into “Praise Jesus, praise Jesus” and we all said yes and AMEN. 

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Believes Ministries is a nonprofit public benefit corporation in the United States of America with Section 501(c)3 tax exemption status.

How your support is making a difference

Books, devotionals, writing, social media, blogs, TV-shows.

Charlotte has authored 6 books to date and has even more material and messages that are waiting to be penned into books. These are words that help resource the Church and individuals with Bible-based truth, life principals and helpful tools to do life and ministry. More resource will help free more time and staffing to produce even more resources and translations.

Your support helps with admin and staffing to grow the way we spread the Gospel into all the world through speaking events, media, television and any way we can! We believe we are standing in front of open doors and new opportunities your partnership will help us step into!

Travel and speaking arrangements, conferences, building local church, Dare to Be tour, leadership events and conferences, staff training, TV and Radio involvement

CG ministries highlights through DTB and Cherish conference awareness and support of other charities such as Cherish Foundation, Compassion, Hope for Justice and helps set a platform for further partnerships and support of these charities.

DTB & Cherish Foundation – we elevate and honour stories of everyday women that have gone through horrific life adversities and celebrate them with generosity, covering their needs of house renovations, vacations, new car,  basic grocery and home shopping etc. This ministry tool helps share the testimony of the individual woman spreading much faith and inspiration, while we get to cover the women’s needs at the same time!

Through the different initiatives listed above, we are committed to not only preach love but show love too as together, we can do more.