I walked past this sign and wanted to share it with whoever needs to know the truth it holds. Often our insecurity, fear and desire for comfort and control, turns a place where we should pass through, into a place we park up our lives. The enemy loves to create parking bays in times of struggle, testing and disappointment. He wants you to park up and give up, in the place God is saying pass through and progress on. Be encouraged today that you can pass through the pain, offence, difficulty, challenge. Do not allow your life to go into park when it should be in drive. Passing through points may be narrower than we like. They may need more careful navigation than we feel we have time for. Yet they are there to teach us, that when the terrain changes we do not need to abandon the journey but instead we get to discover new gears. Today check you are not parked where you should be passing. Remind your soul on this terrain that it’s not forever, these things have come to pass and you are not going to allow your future to be parked up permanently in things that are only temporary. Let God signpost your life not circumstances, you got this and God’s got you so drive on. 

Breathe: new devotional

Inhale Truth – Exhale Life