Be That Girl Bible Study Pack


“Be That Girl” group study pack contains 5 study books and a DVD. The study book includes 8 chapters of Bible teaching on different topics all inspiring you to ‘Be That Girl’ who rises up, who speaks up, who shows up and so on.

Each chapter has a 10 min video teaching by Charlotte Gambill, which you can watch together and let that start the conversations and inspire your prayer time.
Also each book chapter contains a cake recipe, from our girls to yours. Enjoy! What an amazing oppurtunity to gather, study the Word and letting it shape our lives, relationships and future!

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“Thank you Charlotte Gambill, this study changed our lives and our friendships” – Kristina

“So this morning I noticed your book “Miracle in the Middle” on the bench in the changing rooms at the gym. I had to find out who it belonged to as I have just finished reading it myself! It turned out it belonged to 1 of the 10 girls who were on their way home from a weekend away studying your “Be that Girl” group study. Love that! They had also all attended Cherish conference this year and all booked in for next years too! Your books are bringing us girls together! Love it! Majorly encouraged me to be THAT girl” – Naomi

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