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This pack is about a journey; one that I believe we must all embark upon and one that confronts us with the question; ‘Who Am I?’

If you would answer this question with a title, a label or a role that you currently fulfil in life, then think again. This journey requires you to dig much deeper than that and find out what makes you unique; it is all about discovering the real you.

We only have one life, so we need to make sure that our journey gets out of us everything God intended. Your journey of identity is not always an easy one to take because it demands that you separate from things that send you on a detour relationally, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. But it will connect your life to new opportunities and relationships that are more in keeping with who you really are.So, wherever you are at on your journey, this book will challenge you to look intently at your life. It will be an indispensable travel guide to help you find your way to the ‘real you’.

That’s what this pack helps you to begin to unpack, your true identity!

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This pack includes:
1 Identity Book
1 Identity Chapter by Chapter Workbook
1 CD with 4 teachings on Identity

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