Sometimes your feelings will slam a door shut that faith wanted to keep open

Sometimes your feelings will slam a door shut that faith wanted to keep open


We all have to learn how to discern between feelings and facts in any given situation.


Too often our feelings want to be heard, demonstrate their displeasure, make known their objection or approval. Feelings want to find friends who affirm them and join conversations that justify them.

However feelings can often overwhelm and avoid the facts. Facts don’t get involved in the emotion as they are more focused on the right outcome. Facts are clear, even when it is hard to face the truth they will state it.

Facts ask feelings to change and repent. They challenge the direction that often unchecked feelings are approving. At times I have watched great people make poor decisions because feelings were allowed to make the next move. We can’t ignore how we feel but neither do we need to feed our feelings.


Be careful you aren’t slamming doors faith would have kept open. Be aware that reaction has a habit of shutting you down and then give you reasoning for why things in your world have shrunk or become damaged. Yet faith and fact prefer to deal with what needs addressing so that your dreams and adventures can keep on growing. Let’s not blame others for the things we can take responsibility for today.

Let’s not justify smallness when it’s our own feelings that shrunk us. Today pray, allow facts to confront feelings and stir up your faith for the future.

Love Charl x