What happens to you and what flows through you have two different sources. Have you ever been on the receiving end of someone’s unkindness, thoughtlessness. Where you have been treated in a way that’s mean, words spoken or even unspoken that carry more poison than purpose. Those moments happen to us all (and we can be all be responsible for those moments too) The source of meanness when it does attack us is external, the person who is unkind, excludes, criticises, you have no control over. What has been said has now taken its aim and hit you as the target. What has been done has impacted your life, but what happens next you get to decide.

The next response doesn’t have to be a reactive outburst or a retaliation or display of the same unkindness. Yep, I know that’s what we want to do, we are not immune from the pain that’s for sure. But we are empowered by our Heavenly Father to now make the next move. You get to now respond and if you are willing make some better choices. Sure your feelings want to go one direction, throw the dart back, but I have learnt over time that this kind of game of darts is no fun, and it never gets you closer to your God given bulls eye life. Even when we know its wrong, I have learnt that it’s a waste of my time to try fix what no one seems to admit is even broken.

Today I want to save you from more heartache. If you feel the wound of someone’s unkindness, I am sorry for your pain but holding it won’t heal it, so take a step that will move you forward not backwards. Pull out the poison arrow and discard it. Don’t try and send it back through the air to strike again. Walk away, turn around and get on with what your assigned to do. Jesus told his disciples when they faced rejection, shake the dust off your feet and move on. He told them when they were persecuted to stay focused on their purpose. We can’t stop people being mean to us but we can stop that same spirit operating through us, end it with you. Don’t pass on the hurt, don’t be part of the meanness. You are designed for better and you can do better and our world needs to see better. You got this friend, and Gods got you!

Breathe: new devotional

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