You may have heard it said many times before, but it’s worth remembering. Elevators provide a quick and effortless ride to the next level. They even allow you to skip levels in between. The stairs however require effort and patience. You feel the strain the higher you climb. The staircase makes you work muscles and builds strength and in life we often ask for elevators. We pray for elevator opportunities and look for the elevator possibilities. Yet so often God wants to take you via the staircase and he has no interest in the elevator option. He has a lesson in the steps he has planned for you to take. The process is just as much part of your miracle, as the promise the stairs will lead to. Today don’t resent the stairs. Take the next step in front of you. Learn the lesson, see the progression. Notice the changing view and appreciate the growth within you even if you haven’t yet got to the place where you feel called to. The steps are often taken in places many may not see, but they will hear the lesson they teach when you speak. They are the climbs that build your confidence and the steps that give you stamina. The stairs are where you build muscles that elevators never develop. They give you a capacity to keep climbing when the elevator others relied on stops working. Elevators go out of order. Stairs don’t. Elevators get stuck, stairs always allow you to keep moving. Elevators change direction with the push of a button. Stairs are a consistent movement in the right direction. Elevators will drop you as quick as they lift you. Stairs don’t move, you do. So today embrace your stairs whatever they look like. Take the next step as a parent, spouse. Take the next step as a leader, follower and stop waiting for an elevator when you could take another step now.

C xx

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