The Art of Still

The Art of Still

The Art of Still

The art of still is something we learn over time. Being still means to find that depth of trust and steadiness, that no matter what the storm, the still within holds fast.

In life many things want to knock you off balance. Relationships, reactions, attitudes, circumstances they are the invaders and thieves of stillness. Stillness is not being apathetic or ignoring the issues. Rather, it is making a choice that even when the adversity approaches, you will stay committed to your pre-storm choices. When someone hurts you, you are not immune from the pain, but you can remain still and choose not to reply in the same vain. As a leader, I have had to learn this skill over and over again. To be still above the things that hurt or come to harm. Be still when I want to scream and have a melt down. Be still in the confusion and trust God for his provision. Today, where do you need to get back your stillness, so you can stay on track with what matters? Don’t chase the distractions or live offended at the ones who want a reaction. Be still and know you don’t have to justify or defend what God has placed within. Be still and starve the fuel of the fire that will burn you and those around you. Be still and feel his peace. Be still and you will find the next step is easier to take and clearer to see. God builds incredible things through those who have harnessed stillness in their soul. Still brings strength and still causes stability. Still keeps its word and still holds its ground. So where do you need a little more still today?

Be still and know that He is God!

C xx

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