The God Pause

The God Pause

It’s not always easy. Often we just want to say what we feel needs saying without taking a moment to think about it. The urgency in a moment to react or the burning desire to share the news. All this, partnered with the frustration that festers asking you to give it airspace.

You see conversations are good, sharing can be healthy and voicing concerns or questions is part of the journey. But here’s a little tip that keeps what we say more healthy than hurtful, and more hopeful than doubtful. Take it to God first. He is always available, he’s a great listener, he doesn’t get upset when you’re upset. He will never add fuel to a fire that needs putting out. He may not even reply to your question or your concern, but time just talking with him will always alter your tone and often diffuse your dilemma.

So why not commit this week to talk to him everyday. In the car, at work, when you wake. Get used to talking to God first and let it direct you what to say next.

C xx

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