Today I Choose

When the pandemic of 2020 happened it felt like all our lives suddenly changed and the everyday choices we took for granted became restricted. It was in that season that once more I was reminded that I still had the power to choose. Though I may not have been able to decide whether I could travel, work, or simply be amongst friends and family. I could choose my confession, my attitude and my actions. That’s when Today I Choose was born, what started with me talking to myself on an iPhone became a gathering point for people all across the world to daily join in and together choose faith over fear, connection over isolation and trust in the trials.

So why not join the journey? Jump on board, catch up on the content and dive into the devotional journal because today no matter what happens you still get to choose.

Devotional Journal

There are seasons in life when we feel that our choices have been taken out of our hands when we feel powerless. The studies in this devotional remind us that we all have a choice, to change, to find perspective and to experience joy. Over 30 days, Today I Choose encourages you to seek wisdom from God’s word to guide your way through uncertain days. Discover God’s comfort and encouragement so that day by day you are able to take back your power as you say: Today I Choose.

How Today I Choose is helping people

Thank you, Charlotte for putting all these words of wisdom and encouragement into a book. It will forever be something we all went through together


I have followed every session of Today I Choose! It is my daily bread! For me, the lockdown became sweet and fruitful because of your obedience! Thank you so much I love your sincerity and openness!


You keep me on track lovely lady. I have strengthened my faith throughout this time with you, from day 1 of Today I Choose I have journaled every day and I love that I can go back when I need to refocus. Thank you from the depths of my heart!


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