Together what does that mean? One, what does that look like? Maybe we need to think more about our actions if we truly want to demonstrate the act of togetherness and being One. The church needs to work on this more than most. We need to get our act together to be an example of together, the more we divide, the more we dilute this message.

Together is not supporting everything that says follow me, it’s supporting the actions that have been surrendered in the willingness to follow Him. Together is not showing up at everything, at the cost of standing for nothing. One is not everyone sounding or looking the same, but it’s everyone acknowledging that we are called to serve one who is greater than anyone’s plan or opinion. Together, one, unite. Words we say but what about if we really committed to become all they truly can be. What agenda would have to go, what apology would have to be spoken? What behaviour would have to stop? What would we need to fix, change or even start something to help together become visible and not just an ideal? I am so excited and hopeful as I travel and see the church across the globe. She is more together than ever and that thrills my heart.

But we must be vigilant and not allow the small things to derail God’s bigger thing. Be alert to the way an enemy works and be mindful that sometimes we have to address what parades as together, but actually holds a different agenda. Together doesn’t split churches over unresolved offences. Or start ministries which are more from reaction than constructive. It isn’t in Gossip that eats the flesh of the body we are supposed to protect. Or posts that pollute what prayer could have prevented. The enemy loves to see the church pull apart the church and as we make some of the greatest steps we have ever seen as the church in moving as One. Let’s wise up, look up and commit to helping and not hindering what God is doing. I wonder if we can make together more of a reality in our page of history

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