Trust Begins Where Familiar Ends

Trust Begins Where Familiar Ends

Trust takes a step where the path of familiar ends.

So often we follow the familiar as it’s here and we don’t have to test our trust. Trust, however, is something that can only deepen when it’s allowed to travel further. It’s felt when we start to trust our kids to have more independence and watch how this creates for them, new roads and new adventures. It’s seen in the space that trust will clear, so a team can express new ideas and be heard. When we give not from comfort, but from cost trust is engaged and capacity is enlarged.

Trust is grown when you open your heart, fully knowing it may make you more vulnerable but it may also lead to something more beautiful. If you want to learn how to trust more, then be willing to come away from the path of predictable and the decisions that are comfortable. Even if people have misused your trust or exploited the space your trust made for them; don’t allow that experience to steal your willingness to trust again. Don’t let mistrust become the prison of your potential. Trust will move you on and open you up. It will stretch your reach and widen your perspective.

Today why not do one thing to expand your trust in the God who only has for you good things. Lean not on your own understanding but trust God with all your heart. Trust will take you way further than control ever can and it will allow you to need the path less and trust the process more.