What Drives You?

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What Drives You?

What drives you? It’s a question we must regularly ask ourselves. For what is behind the wheel, will determine not only where we end up, but how we get there. I have found too many times people allow ambition to take the wheel of their life. Ambition is a terrible driver. It cares nothing for the passengers onboard, only that it gets to it’s desired destination first. It drives with little awareness of the other vehicles around it. Cutting in front and speeding past those in its way. Ambition is focused on itself and will pick speed over safety, prizes over passengers, being the best or having what it wants over doing what’s right. Ambition causes lack of rest and is always needing to impress. However obedience makes a much better driver, as it is still focused on where it needs to go, but the way it gets there is entirely different. Obedience is submitted to a greater agenda. It drives with instruction, it is trustworthy, road aware, secure. It doesn’t need to win every medal to proof itself, it simply desires to say yes not to impress but to become a better and more capable driver. It doesn’t need to be racing to feel it’s gaining, it understands the long term gain is better than short term success.


So today I ask you, what is behind the wheel of your life? Is it obedience or ambition? Whose vehicle do you travel in and what’s behind that wheel? As whatever is behind that wheel will also affect your journey? Remember what drives you and others around you will either help or harm. It will either care for the passengers or give them whiplash. The thing is after a while you realize that ambition can only take you as far as you can go, but obedience will take you as far as God desires you to go. Let’s allow our obedience to God’s voice be the reason we say yes to driving anything forward, reducing casualties and increasing many more people’s victories.


With Love,


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