Where Faithfulness Overcomes Feelings

Where Faithfulness Overcomes Feelings

Offence, hurt, misunderstanding, they happen to us all but they can actually be used to grow and improve each one of us in our call. At each difficult crossroads we have to decide what we allow to lead us into the future. Our feelings will grab the steering wheel and try to redirect our path. Hurt will ask you to make haste and run, offence will say retaliate and misunderstanding will manipulate.

Often, what began as a small problem is quickly escalated by unchecked emotions. Yet I have found the times I have grown the most have been in the hardest place, where I have had to choose faithfulness over feelings. Committing in a time when I feel like quitting and letting my anchor not my anger direct me. You see faithfulness is easy in the good times but it becomes often the ground the enemy is most after in the hard times. He wants to undo in a moment what has taken you years to build. He loves to divide what you have worked so hard to unite. Knocking down what faithfulness and longevity has laboured to leave. However some of the best growth and greatest breakthroughs happen when we place our choice to be faithful over our feelings.

In Joseph’s rejection he stayed faithful to his God given direction and remained loyal to his brothers even when they had rejected him. Joseph chose to grow in stature instead of giving into anger, and thus became prime minister. When David was mistreated by Saul he stayed faithful to his call. He showed discernment and discipline where most would have deserted and retaliated and hence became king. When Gideon had so many leave, he stayed faithful to fight even though he was fearful and doubtful he could win. Ruth stayed faithful to Naomi when she had nothing to give, and found herself as a result, in fields of favour.

Today whatever you face allow your next words, deeds and choices be first overwhelmed by God’s faithfulness, and then guided by your own commitment to live with faithfulness over feelings.

C xx