You Always Have A Choice

You Always Have A Choice

Often we can feel like we have no options. Circumstances or people around us can seem to be more in control of our future than we feel we are. It’s at those moments when we start to believe a lie. The lie being ‘you have no choice, so just accept it, put up with it, deal with it!’ But that’s far from the truth and it’s what I want to remind you of today.

You see, you may not have chosen the problem you inherited. You may not have asked for the hand life seems to have dealt you. But you do have a choice of what you will do in response. You have the choice to walk away or stay. You have the choice to blame or bless. You have the choice to forgive or live offended. No one can take that power from you. Though many may make you feel you’re all out of options, it’s not true! You can choose life. You can choose to get help. You can choose to break the silence. You can choose to go home.

The prodigal son at his worst was still able to find the best because when all his options seemed to have failed him, he made one more choice that would save him. Maybe the truth is that we would rather say, we have no choice- because that’s the easier thing to believe, rather than choosing to grab hold of the courage it will take to actually make a choice.

Today what do you need to choose to do, say or be? Don’t let the enemy contain you in the false walls of the lies that he would like to frame around you. Instead remember you always have a choice. So today choose well.

C xxx