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Your are AMAZING!

Too often we compare our lives to others and in doing so allow insecurity or jealousy to pull one another down or decrease our own value. Yet the truth is YOU are amazing. YOU are some kind of wonderful. We all have areas we are striving to do better in, we all know where we need to change and are know what we can improve on. Yet that does not detract in any way from your amazing!! Think about it. Think of the way you are growing, loving, achieving, progressing. Think of the people you are including, helping. The role you are playing, the kids you are raising, the impact your making, the home....
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  • Dare to Be – Indiana, PA
    Thursday 15th - Thursday 15th January
  • Dare to Be – Washington DC
    Friday 16th - Friday 16th January
  • Dare to Be -Baltimore MD
    Saturday 17th - Saturday 17th January
  • Dare to Be – Philadelphia PA
    Sunday 18th - Sunday 18th January
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