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We are called to follow Him not to expect Jesus to follow us. Who has the driving seat in your life. Is it ambition, greed, pride, people pressure or insecurity, fear, doubt. What we allow to take the wheel of our life will determine the course of our future. Jesus is looking for followers not drivers and following him is a daily discipline. Self sacrifice is the key not self help. It’s what we are willing to lay down that will determine what we get to pick up. It’s our surrender that makes room for our calling. Maybe 2015 needs to be a year where you adjust who or what is at the....
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  • Womanity Conference – Miami FL
    Thursday 5th - Saturday 7th February
  • Sunday Services – MetroLife Church Miami, FL
    Sunday 8th - Sunday 8th February
  • Dream Conference – Phoenix
    Monday 9th - Wednesday 11th February
  • Dare to Be – Coral Springs
    Thursday 19th - Thursday 19th February
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