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Building Friendships

Jesus ministered to the crowds, he preached to the masses. But he built something very special with his friends. The disciples weren’t just a random bunch of guys he had to take. They were chosen to be close to him and therefore close to one another. Jesus spent time with his friends, building relationships that were strong enough to be corrected, challenged, and change even in each other’s company. They were friendships that were real, honest and not always easy to be in. But they....


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  • Wave Conference
    Wednesday 6th - Friday 8th August
  • Wave Church – Weekend Services
    Saturday 9th - Sunday 10th August
  • Life Church Womens Conference
    Thursday 18th - Saturday 20th September
  • Life Church Weekend Services
    Saturday 20th - Sunday 21st September
  • Sparkle Womens Conference
    Friday 3rd - Saturday 4th October
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