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Build now for later

Expansion is something we can all seek. We want to increase our effectiveness, expand our future. We may pray for more opportunity, to take new ground. God wants to give us increase. Yet like every good parent he wants the growth you gain to be the growth you keep. He wants his kids to grow in strength not just height. He wants our lives to increase not just in opportunity but more importantly in maturity. Whenever growth and expansion comes it will create a stretch in our lives. It will stretch our attitudes, discipline,....
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  • Dare to Be – Nashville
    Sunday 30th - Sunday 30th August
  • Sunday Services, Cornerstone Church
    Sunday 30th - Sunday 30th August
  • Sisters of Africa
    Thursday 10th - Saturday 12th September
  • Sunday Services – Rivers Church
    Sunday 13th - Sunday 13th September
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